Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outdoor Adventure Party: CANCELLED

Written by Shannon Leigh

Woah, back it up.

Where did the month of April go?
Don't ask me. The last thing I remember was celebrating Matt's birthday at the beginning of March.

is the only word I can use to describe the last 30 days . How appropriate since it is tornado season and all. Have I mentioned that I hate the month of April?

When I was in the 3rd grade my mom agreed to let me have a killer birthday party entitled Outdoor Adventure Party (original, I know). Me and 15 of my closest friends were going to participate in all kinds of outdoor activities including a scavenger hunt around the farm. When we sent out the invitations I could HARDLY contain my excitement. I wanted to be the first to find a robin's nest so stinkin bad.

Anyway, the week of my party finally came around and surprise, surprise it was raining (much like it has been here in Champaign for the last week). Hence the old adage..."April showers..."

By that fateful Saturday, it was downright swampy outside. After some heartfelt resistance on my part the Outdoor Adventure Party came to a screeching halt. I was so upset, stupid April storms.

Luckily my mom whipped up some inside games and we partied our little hearts out while the thunder rolled outside. I remember getting my first dangling earrings at that party (now that changed my life forever).

The Outdoor Adventure Party was a wash(pun intended) and I never really forgave April for that one.

Oh and I never did find that bird's nest.

Only one more day left in April (the one that I turn 24)... maybe we'll see those May flower's soon.
Oh and maybe I should take down my Easter decorations... or maybe not. Jesus is still risen.
Praise the Lord for that one.


Anonymous said...

I know how much you wanted that outdoor adventure party. Maybe next year we can do that in our backyard. Happy birthday my love.


Caitie Breeze said...

That was just great. I'm really glad I waited to read it instead of letting you tell me about it! hahaha, oh it