Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why must the weekend end so quickly?

Matt and I went to my parents this weekend to see this sweet peanut who is growing up way too fast.  He's ten weeks old.  He pretty much eats, sleeps, and poops, but he is holding his head up and smiling up a storm.  

AND then there's this one, who is speaking in full sentences and calls Popsicles "pot-thickles."  He also repeats everything you say and stalls before bedtime.  
Izzy LOVES to go to Nana and Pa's.  She had a blast running around with all of the other dogs in my parent's yard...
I think she enjoyed herself a little too much, don't ya think?  
Why am I not surprised that MY dog does things like this.  She is a regular Marley.

To check out some photos from Keagan's shoot click here.


Courtney said...

I literally BUSTED out in laughter when I scrolled down to the pictures of a very muddy Izzy.

Anonymous said...

My "Marley" does the same thing when he goes to my parents house (or Adams for that matter)! I think he goes with the determination to get in the biggest and best mud holes and find the stinkiest smelling things to roll in! But he is always happy and "smiling" at the end of the day! It must be the poodle in him because him and Izzy seem to have a lot of the same quirks!