Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black & White Sunday

Written by Shannon Leigh


{June 3, 2012}

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Yike it A Yot!

Written by Shannon Leigh

Most of Ruby's L's sound like Y's and maybe sometimes W's.
It's great to listen to her tell stories in her sweet wittle voice.   She's really starting to get an imagination.

She's been cracking us up lately with what she says and I want to write all of them down before she moves on to another stage and we forget.

She was playing with a red mitten she found in a basket in her room and asked where the other one was.  I told her it that it was lost and that we would have to buy her new mittens when it got cold outside.
She then said. “oh no, my mitten is yost!  Oh no, it’s yost in the country with my yittle brother!”

Ruby and I drove past a cemetery a few days ago and she said “ Ohhhhh  Mommy!  Wook!  It’s castles!”

We often call Ruby nicknames.  Lately when we call her a name like "dude" or "peanut" she promptly responds with "I not dude, I RUBY!"

She brought me Sophie the giraffe a few days ago and she said "Share Sophie with baby brother!"



Sunday, June 24, 2012


Written by Shannon Leigh


We are officially "halfway!"
Well, kinda halfway.  Halfway for most people, but probably not for me.
I am looking at 42 weeks as my ending point (mentally I have to or else I'd go insane- after all I do gestate longer than the average woman).
Anyway, all the books say halfway so here we are (can you sense my eye roll?).
I feel really great and I am LOVING the second trimester- now if it could all be this good. :)
I am definitely larger than the last time around but how could I not be?  This little mister is a monster, remember?

Our vacation out West/North was really great.  Crazy but great (I'll post about it at some point).
The day we got back we moved into our new duplex (I am still yawning from all of the excitement).  It's a cute little place with lots of great walking paths nearby.  We are utilizing these frequently especially since Matt and I decided to GET RID OF TV!
It's true, I feel all pioneer woman.
Truthfully it's been really great so far.  I am getting a lot more done around the house and Ruby and I are spending lots of good, quality time together before baby brother makes his appearance.

We also moved Ru into a big girl bed which has truly been a seamless transition (I'm not surprised, that's just Ruby).  We didn't even put up the crib in our current house- I figured out of sight out of mind, right?  Mister will hopefully be in the cradle in our room until we move again and then we can set it up in HIS room once we're settled.
It's a bit of a crazy time around these parts but I I don't think I would change it.

I hope to update again soon but we are super busy, you know, NOT watching t.v.:)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Westward Ho!

Written by Shannon Leigh

Westward Ho! August 1968 leaving Pleasant Plains Il{Westward Ho!  Grandma & 5 kids in the station wagon.  August, 1968}

We are off on a bit of a family vacation/road trip  out west (and then north) for the next 12 days!
I will be answering emails occasionally but responses may be delayed!
We'll be back on Sunday, June 17th!
Thanks so much for your patience!
x0- Shannon
August 1968 Great Sand Dune National Monument who family
{Grandma, Grandad, & the 5 kids at Great Sand Dune National Monument August, 1968}

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mister: Week 18

Written by Shannon Leigh


I keep forgetting to share my 14 week sono of Mister.
I love his little profile and his crossed feet at the top.  We have been lucky to get really great profile shots of both of our babies so far.  I could just stare at him all day.
Ruby is obsessed with the picture and carries it around kissing it (she is such a little mommy).

My sister has nicknamed baby boy Haus, because well, he is huge.

When they put the wand on my tummy at my first sono I couldn't believe how meaty he was.  All I kept thinking was "Lord, please let that be a boy"- he was just so big.  Ruby was so dainty (still is) so it's a mighty contrast.

Things are moving along well and we have made it to week 18!  Today Ruby and I got to listen to Mister's heart beat at the doctor's office.  He likes to hang out on the right side of my body and kick me on the left so she had to move the doppler all the way to my right side to hear his heart beat. Silly Mister.


Oh sweet Mister,
I have enjoyed praying these verses over you so very much!
Man, what a blessing these scriptures have been to this mommy.

See you at week 19!