Monday, April 13, 2009

What Can You Do in 2 Hours and 53 Minutes.

I bet you can't run 26.2 miles.

Don't worry, neither can I.  But my brother-in-law can.  The Anderson clan came up to Champaign again this weekend for the marathon/half-marathon/5k.  
The 3 Anderson boys represented each race.
Pat- Marathon (placed 20th out of 1900)
Josh- Half-Marathon (85 out 4000)
Matt- 5k (68th out of 2200)
They did pretty awesome if you ask me.  I am proud to share the Anderson name.  Here's to hoping my children get the love of running gene from that side of the family.  We all know they won't get it from me.

The happy (cold) cheerleaders.  Good thing I had my cuddl duds
Pat at mile 10.  Looking good.
Josh at mile 10 (only 3.1 miles to go)
Rounding out 26.2
I think he's tired.

My boys.  I couldn't be more proud.

p.s. I tried to get one of Matty while he was running but I was too busy cheering. Love you babe.