Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 39

Written by Shannon Leigh

So it's official, my due date has come and gone and Peanut is going to make her entrance into this world fashionably late. Go figure.
It serves me right with all of the times I've been late in my life right? She's already taking after her mama!
I didn't think I could possibly get any bigger but week 39 proved me wrong. They say the baby can gain an average of a half-pound a week so this little thing will probably be quite the chunker (I'm definitely betting on an 8-pounder now). I can't believe how big I have gotten and I am really looking forward to being done.
I've had a slew of emotions in the last week ranging from major panic to total peace. I'm trying to remember that it's all God's timing, not mine. Hard to remember but true. I know the first time I see Peanut's face, I'll forget it all.
BUT It's definitely going to be a test for the next week or so.
I had my 39 week appointment and the doctor was less than encouraging. I hadn't progressed much and they didn't seem very concerned that I may go a week or two past my due date. I, on the other hand was not excited at the idea. Matt learned the hard way NOT to laugh when the doctor left the room. I might have had a mini breakdown.
I have my "40 week" appointment on Monday and IF and only IF I have progressed enough, we will discuss induction. We'll see what comes of it, I am not expecting much.
I'm really not sure if my poor ab muscles (or lack there of) can take much more.

Getting very anxious to meet our little girl!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

38 weeks (aka... ready to be done)

Written by Shannon Leigh

Well it's official... I am HUGE! I seriously think Peanut is going to be MASSIVE. Only time will tell I suppose (cue labor).
Peanut really doesn't sound like the right name any more but Watermelon doesn't have the same ring.

I've given up completely on tying my own shoes (bending over makes me queezy) and sometimes it's not even possible. Socks are hard enough.
The skin on my belly has HAD ENOUGH. It's rebelling against the growth with itchiness and burning.
The constant contractions are just plain annoying (but not consistent enough to create progress).
I am hoping every day to wake up in writhing pain... strange I know but I am so ready for REAL contractions.
I'm still sleeping pretty well at night so no complaints there.
I'm sick of cleaning my house.
Wondering how I will lose these 25 pounds after baby comes.
Enjoying the Olympics (not pregnancy related). They keep my mind off of my uncomfortableness.
I'm really thankful to my husband for doing our taxes. He's handsome.
Thinking that the "go into labor" practices are crap. I've been doing them all. They haven't worked yet. Note the VERY large belly.

I had my 38 week appointment and I was 1 cm dilated and 50 % effaced. It's nothing impressive but it is definitely progress from last week. I had my breast feeding class at the hospital last night (Matt had a Dad's class too). It was my last class/engagement that I wanted to make it to. Now that it is over, I am sooooo ready for Peanut to make her grand appearance. I guess we'll see what week 39 brings. Exactly one week to my due date!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

To My Valentine

Written by Shannon Leigh

Happy Valentine's Day to my love.
I look forward to a lifetime of little secrets with you.
(even if you did leave me alone to work on some big case on Valentine's day).
{Engagement photos taken by me in 2007 at the SIU photo lab}

Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 37

Written by Shannon Leigh

It's officially the waiting game.
Week 37 came and went and nothing exciting happened, which I was expecting.
I had my 37 week appointment and it was confirmed that "not much is going on." I guess that means that I at least have a few weeks left.

It's definitely hard to get around now and thank the good LORD that I am working from home until the baby comes or February 26th, which ever one comes first. I am guessing my end date will come before baby does.

I'm keeping my hopes up that labor is right around the corner but at the same time I'm trying to soak up my time with my Matty before she comes in and consumes our lives. I know everything will be drastically different after she comes.
Hopefully the next update is BABY but I am doubting it. In fact you can count a few more belly updates, I'm just sure of it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nursery Tour

Written by Shannon Leigh

It's official! Peanut's nursery is finished (besides a few finishing touches of course)!
I made the yoyos out of the fabric used in Peanut's quilt and strung them together to make the mobile. I saw the idea on etsy and decided I could make one for much cheaper. Mission accomplished.
A special thanks to my husband who helped me paint SOO many pieces of furniture and staying sane while I worked on various projects.
My mom helped with the bedding which turned out great!
I used the same fabric to make a valance for the window.
At some point I will probably have to make blackout curtains but for now we'll see how she does with just the blinds. My Dad helped us modify/hang the chandelier which looks pretty spiffy. My parents gave us both the armoire and the buffet we are using for the changing table.
The baskets on the bottom are full of baby necessities such as diapers and burp rags.
I love the look of the milk glass handles that I found online. They are totally vintage (right up my alley). I got the pulls for the armoire from Anthropolgie on sale.
The teddy bear's name is Bruno. It was Matts' when he was a baby. We have to keep it up on a shelf because Izzy really likes him. I have found him in her mouth on more than one occasion. I got the bookends off of etsy too. Gotta love the vintage!
My sister and mom made this adorable bow organizer out of a frame and ribbons. I can't WAIT to fill it up with adorable bows, I've got a decent start! We hung hooks below for hats and headbands.
Thanks to Matt's Mom and Dad for the gorgeous rocking chair. It's SO comfortable. Good thing it is comfy since I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time there.
Come out Peanut... we're READY for you!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm drooling...

Written by Shannon Leigh

Over all of these sweet little outfits Peanut has!
She is starting off with a better wardrobe than me!

The CLOTHES, oh the CLOTHES, that people have given me.
I've had fun making the little headbands that go with each outfit. (The one on the right was the original inspiration from this shop).
I plan on making more of these little appliqued felt onsies when I get a free moment (that is if I get a free moment)

Week 36

Week 36 was an exciting one. It feels really great to finally be "full term." But it's a little bitter sweet.
I could technically go into labor at any time or it could be another MONTH! That is really hard to deal with and it's making me pretty anxious. I am still counting on going AFTER my due date... so all Peanut has to do for the next few weeks is put on the pudge.

I have been having a few more braxton hicks contractions (I think) and according to my doctor, Peanut's head is REALLY low (she FEELS really low). These things are great but none of them point to me going into labor any time soon. At my 36 week appointment my midwife said that most first time moms go AFTER their due date, so I am just planning on a March baby instead of a February one.

Matt's firm threw us a shower last Friday, which was SO nice of them. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. It was lovely and once again we felt very blessed and spoiled!

The doctor thinks that Peanut is still on the small side (I don't FEEL very small) so she is predicting a birth weight of low sevens if I go after 40 weeks. At this point she was estimating the low 5s. There is really no way of knowing for sure though.

I have one more shower this weekend... and any time after that I am ready to go!