Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 17

Written by Shannon Leigh

Poor 2nd baby.  He's already getting the shaft when it comes to pictures.
Oh well, he's a boy.  He won't care anyway :).

So I FINALLY started a maternity series at 17 weeks.

This maternity series is going to be all about focusing on the Word.

I have committed to praying these next 23 (or so) verses over my sweet little Mister as the weeks go by.

I am trying to focus on what the Lord wants to teach me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I get the bonus of memorizing scripture. I want to focus on what a blessing Mister truly is and not how much I want this pregnancy to be over:)

Man oh man, I am way bigger than last time and things have been VERY different.  Things are definitely sorer as I get stretched out.  I don't remember being this crampy last time either, bleh.  Truth be told it's getting kind of old.  I am actually kind of glad my job is so physical, I don't notice it when I'm working.

The good news is that I have been feeling Mister move for weeks and weeks now and last week (week 16) Matt even got to feel him kick!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Far, Far Away

Written by Shannon Leigh

Ruby's squeaky little girl voice absolutely melts me. She has always been quite articulate and easy to understand but her voice is just so girly.

A few weeks ago she stayed with my parents while I shot a wedding.  It happened to be the night of the infamous super moon and my mom and dad took her out to see it.  Apparently Ruby loved it and thought it was great.

We talk about the moon and stars a lot.  She has always been intrigued by them and we discuss them with her often.  We ask "who made the moon?" And she promptly answers "God made the moon."  Then we ask "who made the stars."  She answers "God made the stars."  It's a bit of a game we play.

One night we were on our way home from youth group and the moon was shining bright.  Ruby caught sight of it and shouted,
"Wook Mommy, wook! It's the super moon!  (pause pause pause, and in a sigh she said) It's far, far away...I can't weach it."

Melt my heart my precious one.  Please stay this innocent forever.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up

Written by Shannon Leigh

Life is absolutely crazy.
I mean crazy, crazy.
So many things are going on around these parts that my poor wittle blog has been completely neglected.  No offense blog, but you are THE LEAST of my concerns at this point.

The most SIGNIFICANT news is that sweet, beautiful, precious Ruby is going to be a...


I am currently 15 weeks and according to a 14 week sonogram, it appears to be a MISTER (a very obvious mister)!
To be perfectly honest we were a little shocked that we would be having a boy, but after a few weeks we are getting used the idea and getting pretty pumped.
Ruby is going to be a GREAT big sister and we can't wait to meet sweet little mister.

I felt pretty icky for the first 12 weeks and I kept falling and knocking things over (I am clumsy ordinarily but this was intense).  Now that I am in the 2nd trimester I feel MUCH better and have much more energy.  Praise the good Lord.

I plan on doing a maternity series at some point… but we'll see.  Like I said, we've got a LOT going on these days.

In other significant news, we sold our house!  Our sweet little cottage, sigh.
We bought it after only being married for a few months and we have spent the last 4 years there.  We brought home a puppy there, and (more importantly) it's the place where we brought home our first baby.  It's going to be strange to call any other place home.
What's even stranger?  We are going to be renting for the next 6 months while the other house is finished. We are on quite the adventure but I am ready for the challenge (I think).

We signed a lease starting June 15th and we close on our current house on July 1st.  I am really going to miss our little town (mostly walks to the library and post office) but we're ready to move on too.  We have already packed all the stuff we don't need for the next 6 months and we are going to work on packing the kitchen this week.  It's no fun to live amongst boxes but it's a means to an end.  The duplex we are renting is on a pond with a great little walking path around it so I think we will enjoy that a lot.  It's also on a golf course so I KNOW Matt will be happy.

I am really looking forward to this whole process being over but if that were the case, that means that Ruby's time as an only child would be over forever and THAT makes me want to die and cry and fall to emotional pieces.  I guess all mothers feel this way but man oh man it's pretty intense (blame it on the pregnancy hormones).
Will I love our next child the same way that I love Ruby?  Will I be able to give Ruby enough attention?  What's it going to be like to raise a BOY?  I know the Lord will provide answers to all of these things in time but the fears still keep creeping in.

On top of being pregnant and hormonal, having a (now fit throwing) toddler, and moving (TWICE), work is NUTS.  I am shooting lots of weddings this year (most of which happen to be in the FALL).  I am going to be large and in charge by that point but I am certainly going to give them my utmost attention.  We'll take all the prayers we can get:)

I think that about sums it up.  Life is CRAZY but GOOD.
I'll leave you with some cute pictures of Ruby because who doesn't love cute Ruby pictures.