Thursday, March 12, 2009

{Spring} Cleaning/Crafting

Scrub the floors (on my hands and knees). Check
Wash the baseboards. Check
Clean behind the toilet (apparently I've missed that spot for the last 6 months). Check
Vacuum UNDER the furniture. Check
Get our comforter dry cleaned. Check
O.k. Spring, my house is clean! Can you {please} make it a longer stay next time?
I have a bunch of fun projects underway (I guess the few days of spring-like weather inspired me).
Some of them required paint and are still drying out in the garage (stupid cold weather). I can show you one...
I saw this somewhere awhile ago and I loved
it! All I did was cover cork board with fabric and tuck them in as the backing of some cubbies. I think I'll get 3 more at some point. They look a little smaller than I expected (I guess that means I'd have to pick out more of my fave fabric out of my stash... DARN).


MKLoeffler said...

I love the fabric on the corkboard idea!!

Unknown said...

Love that. I think any time you can incorporate great fabric into a project, it is a very good thing. I was also very inspired by the warm weather, but we very sick at the time. Now I'm feeling better, but it's COLD again. :(