Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Dessert Thursday...

We ate lots of pie.
We went to Merry Ann's downtown (It's slightly less dirty than the one on Neil St.) and ate to our hearts content. We always bring a book to read together but we were so busy eating, we didn't even crack it open. I'm already looking forward to this weeks' Thursday.

I am loving my new wide angle/macro lens by the way. I wasn't convinced at first. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to my prime (not much can when you have an f-stop of 1.4). After I used it for a few days it started growing on me. I'm starting to think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Here's to many, many more happy days together.


Unknown said...

I see on your twitter that you are doing "meal planning" for the should blog about that, I'm intrigued....Bryan and I can't seem to plan anything more than looking in the fridge and seeing what looks good. ha! Sooo, I'd love some advice from a fellow wife as to how to better plan out our meals if you don't mind sharing your secrets!

Courtney said...

I may, in the near future, be stealing your dessert night idea.