Monday, March 16, 2009

"In Between"

The weather is finally catching up with my spring-cleaned house.  

To celebrate I bought some fresh flowers at the grocery store and scattered them around our house.  I didn't wear a coat to work today and I drove with my windows down.  I even wore shoes without socks.  I also bought some new candles so if my bargain blooms don't represent then I can count on some coconut lime.

Over the weekend Matty worked really hard on hanging some shelves above the buffet in our kitchen.  They look beautiful.  It gave me some great display space as well as freeing up the top of the buffet.

Today was the "in between" shopping trip.  You know the one where you are out of shampoo, mouth wash, dish detergent and an air filter for the furnace?  It is the trip that I particularly dread but is totally unavoidable and usually expensive.  I had to venture to wal-mart and go to the far corners of the universe to find what I needed.  Not finding what I needed on my own, I searched for an elusive employee who shrugged her shoulders and said "I think they are in that aisle over there."  Why thank you for that, pretty sure I couldn't have done that on my own. 
 Did you know that wal-mart doesn't carry cake flour?  I didn't, until today.  How am I supposed to make Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake without it?  I guess I'll have to go to a real grocery store tomorrow.  
Since I was on my last drop of shampoo it was one of the "in between" necessaries.  I stumbled upon Tea Tree Mint shampoo and conditioner by Organix.  I am usually a Sunsilk user but I felt like I needed a change.  The TTM had a tag on it that read "try me for free."  I am always up for a bargain so I put them in the cart.  All I have to do is send in the tag with my receipt and I get a full rebate!  So what if I did 2 different transactions in the 20 items or less lane.  I am sure the other "in between" shoppers appreciated my tardiness.  I am betting it will be months before I actually get the money back and I will have wasted 64 cents in stamps but I am hoping it will be worth it. Can't wait to try it out in the morning.  
If you MUST do your "in between" shopping this week, take a peak in the shampoo aisle.  You might just find a bargain! 


Keli B. said...

i just finished up with that same shampoo and conditioner. i too, was seduced by the thought of 'free!' it's been months, and i still haven't seen the $$ yet. haha. i'm guessing it'll never show. oh well, at least the shampoo was great anyway.