Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fish Sticks and Peas

I had chocolate pie for dinner.

Actually I had coffee, blueberry pie, fries, AND chocolate pie, oh and a few sips of Pepsi.  

At least now-a-days I only eat like that once a week (Dessert Thursday is a very special occasion) . While in college a meal of Star Crunches and Mountain Dew was a common occurrence.  Throw in a giant spicy pickle from the Grab-n-go and I was set. 

 My parents tried.  They really did.  They always fed me balanced meals.  I guess that if the worst I did with my "freedom" after leaving home was eating Star Crunches for dinner, they did pretty well.  

When we were little my mom stayed home with us.  She took care of all of the housework and the cooking (among many other things).  Every once in a while my Dad had to make dinner for my sisters and I (I think my mom took a seasonal job a couple nights a week).  We love our Dad very much, but if we had to give him a job to do cooking would be last on the list.  Vacuuming the stairs... now that's a different story (he's incredible at that, so fluffy).  Anyway, it seemed like every time my mom was away my Dad would make us the SAME meal.
 Fish sticks and peas!
You can imagine our delight with that combination.  To this day I can't smell fish without thinking about those nights with my Dad (who will deny all of  this by the way).  
I'm going to go ahead and blame Dad for my hatred of seafood.  It was either him or my gag reflex.  Either way I don't think I'm missing out.  


Unknown said...

That's funny! THe kids I babysit once a week ALWAYS want fish sticks and peas/broccoli. They beg for it.

The Slaters said...

I remember that like it was yesterday. Oh I could just gag thinking about it.

amy said...

i also hate fish. the smell alone makes me want to barf.