Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 39

Written by Shannon Leigh

So it's official, my due date has come and gone and Peanut is going to make her entrance into this world fashionably late. Go figure.
It serves me right with all of the times I've been late in my life right? She's already taking after her mama!
I didn't think I could possibly get any bigger but week 39 proved me wrong. They say the baby can gain an average of a half-pound a week so this little thing will probably be quite the chunker (I'm definitely betting on an 8-pounder now). I can't believe how big I have gotten and I am really looking forward to being done.
I've had a slew of emotions in the last week ranging from major panic to total peace. I'm trying to remember that it's all God's timing, not mine. Hard to remember but true. I know the first time I see Peanut's face, I'll forget it all.
BUT It's definitely going to be a test for the next week or so.
I had my 39 week appointment and the doctor was less than encouraging. I hadn't progressed much and they didn't seem very concerned that I may go a week or two past my due date. I, on the other hand was not excited at the idea. Matt learned the hard way NOT to laugh when the doctor left the room. I might have had a mini breakdown.
I have my "40 week" appointment on Monday and IF and only IF I have progressed enough, we will discuss induction. We'll see what comes of it, I am not expecting much.
I'm really not sure if my poor ab muscles (or lack there of) can take much more.

Getting very anxious to meet our little girl!!


Regina Lim said...

Hi just happened to pop by your blog. i am a photographer too and 33 weeks pregnant. goin to have a baby girl in april :) love reading your blog. cheers and all the best!

Betsy said...

There we go. That's a nice big belly! Excellent. And, being the expert in big bellies, I would say you're just about done. Hang in there! Nice job.

Betsy said...

By the way, I bet 6 3/4 pounds.

Unknown said...

Hey Shannon! I stumbled upon your blog through Lance & Betsy's blog. My hubby (Nathan Waite) and I both went to High School/church/College with Matt! I have been lurking for a little bit, but just wanted to tell you to hang in there!! Both of our kids were preemies so I have been praying to see our due date with our 3rd. Even though it's such a long wait, at least she will be a healthy, strong little girl!!! Blessings!!