Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 36

Week 36 was an exciting one. It feels really great to finally be "full term." But it's a little bitter sweet.
I could technically go into labor at any time or it could be another MONTH! That is really hard to deal with and it's making me pretty anxious. I am still counting on going AFTER my due date... so all Peanut has to do for the next few weeks is put on the pudge.

I have been having a few more braxton hicks contractions (I think) and according to my doctor, Peanut's head is REALLY low (she FEELS really low). These things are great but none of them point to me going into labor any time soon. At my 36 week appointment my midwife said that most first time moms go AFTER their due date, so I am just planning on a March baby instead of a February one.

Matt's firm threw us a shower last Friday, which was SO nice of them. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. It was lovely and once again we felt very blessed and spoiled!

The doctor thinks that Peanut is still on the small side (I don't FEEL very small) so she is predicting a birth weight of low sevens if I go after 40 weeks. At this point she was estimating the low 5s. There is really no way of knowing for sure though.

I have one more shower this weekend... and any time after that I am ready to go!