Wednesday, February 17, 2010

38 weeks (aka... ready to be done)

Written by Shannon Leigh

Well it's official... I am HUGE! I seriously think Peanut is going to be MASSIVE. Only time will tell I suppose (cue labor).
Peanut really doesn't sound like the right name any more but Watermelon doesn't have the same ring.

I've given up completely on tying my own shoes (bending over makes me queezy) and sometimes it's not even possible. Socks are hard enough.
The skin on my belly has HAD ENOUGH. It's rebelling against the growth with itchiness and burning.
The constant contractions are just plain annoying (but not consistent enough to create progress).
I am hoping every day to wake up in writhing pain... strange I know but I am so ready for REAL contractions.
I'm still sleeping pretty well at night so no complaints there.
I'm sick of cleaning my house.
Wondering how I will lose these 25 pounds after baby comes.
Enjoying the Olympics (not pregnancy related). They keep my mind off of my uncomfortableness.
I'm really thankful to my husband for doing our taxes. He's handsome.
Thinking that the "go into labor" practices are crap. I've been doing them all. They haven't worked yet. Note the VERY large belly.

I had my 38 week appointment and I was 1 cm dilated and 50 % effaced. It's nothing impressive but it is definitely progress from last week. I had my breast feeding class at the hospital last night (Matt had a Dad's class too). It was my last class/engagement that I wanted to make it to. Now that it is over, I am sooooo ready for Peanut to make her grand appearance. I guess we'll see what week 39 brings. Exactly one week to my due date!


Mark and Lori said...

What I did to go into labor 2 days before my due date: drink organic real red raspberry leaf tea (about 12 cups of it! - my midwife recommended it!), sprinted up and down the stairs and jumped up and down as hard as I could for as long as I could, and lots lots more! NONE of this may work on you! Don't get your hopes up! But the way I looked at it, I could do all the things people suggested that I do as long as they were easy and I wasn't doing anything else but waiting for her to come anyways!!

Chelsea Bass said...

We'll be in Champaign this weekend. We'd love to see you guys if possible, and Peanut has not yet made her grand appearance.

Also, I really want to meet Izzy soon. We're thinking about getting a dog later this year, and are trying to figure out what we want. Let me know if you have any time this weekend and if you feel up to it. Maybe we could bring over some dessert on Saturday night?

amyjoy said...

Isn't it ironic how some women try so hard for so long to get pregnant and then at the end of the pregnancy they want the baby out? Anyway, hang in there. Clearly peanut is smart and wants to hold out for warmer weather as long as possible. Can you blame her?

オテモヤン said...
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