Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm drooling...

Written by Shannon Leigh

Over all of these sweet little outfits Peanut has!
She is starting off with a better wardrobe than me!

The CLOTHES, oh the CLOTHES, that people have given me.
I've had fun making the little headbands that go with each outfit. (The one on the right was the original inspiration from this shop).
I plan on making more of these little appliqued felt onsies when I get a free moment (that is if I get a free moment)


CWestlake said...

oh my goodness, seeing all of those ADORABLE outfits makes me want to have a girl next!! :)

Keli B. said...

oh yes, girls are so much fun! that applique onesie is so cute, you should definitely make some more!