Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 37

Written by Shannon Leigh

It's officially the waiting game.
Week 37 came and went and nothing exciting happened, which I was expecting.
I had my 37 week appointment and it was confirmed that "not much is going on." I guess that means that I at least have a few weeks left.

It's definitely hard to get around now and thank the good LORD that I am working from home until the baby comes or February 26th, which ever one comes first. I am guessing my end date will come before baby does.

I'm keeping my hopes up that labor is right around the corner but at the same time I'm trying to soak up my time with my Matty before she comes in and consumes our lives. I know everything will be drastically different after she comes.
Hopefully the next update is BABY but I am doubting it. In fact you can count a few more belly updates, I'm just sure of it.