Wednesday, January 27, 2010

35 Weeks

Written by Shannon Leigh

Week 35 was a busy one.
If you read my last post, you know that getting around town is getting a lot more difficult, especially my commute to work. Albeit pretty, the snow is NOT making it easier, that's for sure.
I had an appointment last week and my midwife said that from here on out if I go into labor they won't do anything to stop me. THAT is a pretty huge milestone. I feel like we have finally MADE IT (God willing). I feel blessed that everything has gone well so far. We're praying that it continues that way.
Peanut's room is ALMOST complete. I finished binding the quilt and my Mom helped me finish the crib skirt last weekend. The curtain topper got finished this week too. We have the car seat/stroller put together and the swing and highchair (I know we won't need that for awhile, but we were too excited). We only have a few things left to do! I even washed diapers and blankets in Dreft this week. Onsies are next!

I'm pretty sure the baby has dropped a little in the last few weeks. I am able to breath a little better so that is nice. Last week Peanut weighed over 5 pounds and was over 18 inches long! Only one more week until I'm "full term."

The ladies at work threw me a wonderful shower at Biaggi's last week and I feel SO spoiled. I am really going to miss these ladies once the baby comes. It was just lovely and I got so many wonderful gifts! Here are some pictures to prove it.


Leslie A. said...

Love the quilt and the valance!!!

Annie said...

Wow Shannon! I've been following your blog all this time and I know you're having a baby, but WOW! Reading this week's post it just hit me that WOW! You're having a BABY! :) :) It's not like wow you're big or anything, because I think you still look absolutely adorable, but almost full term! I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations!!