Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 33

Written by Shannon Leigh

Week 33 was an absolute whirlwind.
I think the 2 "snow days" last week helped a lot. I enjoyed working from home and I think Peanut enjoyed it too. I was able to stay in my pj's all day and lounge on the couch. That is MUCH more comfortable than having to dress up every day and sit at my my desk chair.

Matt and I attended the "Prepare Childbirth" class at the hospital last weekend with our friends Derek and Janna (they are only a few weeks behind us). It was pretty informative and I feel a little more prepared as far as the labor and delivery go. It's amazing how everything must fit together so perfectly for a successful delivery. I am fervently praying that everything goes textbook. We toured labor and delivery at the hospital and standing in the room I got really nervous. In a few short weeks we'll be in one of those rooms getting ready to meet are sweet little girl. Crazy.

Last week Peanut should have weighed about 4 pounds and she should have passed the 17 inch mark. I can definitely feel all of those 17 inches and I'm seriously thinking she might be extra long, or just extra active, both are plausible.

I have my first baby shower at home this weekend and I am very much looking forward to it. Nothing else to report. Still healthy and feeling good!


The Winey Wife said...

im sooo excited to see you sat!! AHH! You are beautiful mother!

Jackie said...

Homemade, inexpensive baby food you could make in a couple months!