Tuesday, January 5, 2010

32 Weeks

Written by Shannon Leigh
Last week was week 32.
I am enjoying getting things ready for Peanut but I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by it too. I make things much harder on myself (and my mom) by wanting to make everything instead of just buying it, especially when I don't have the time. But alas, my creative endeavors will not be squelched, so help me God.

I'm feeling pretty insecure about actually HAVING a newborn at home too. I don't have a CLUE about what I am doing and it still amazes me that they'll let me take this little creature home without taking some sort of test. I mean shouldn't I have to prove to somebody that I know what I'm doing? Guess not, since clearly I don't.

In other news...I was unaware that my lungs, stomach, and heart could feels so smooshed together. Eating a full meal is pretty much impossible but yet I am soooooo hungry. I've decided that this little girl is going to take after her father and be an absolute tank, which was his nickname for the first few years of his life.

I had my 32 week appointment and the doctor said she was head down... WAY DOWN. Her words, not mine. This concerns me a bit since her feet are so comfortable up in my ribs. Does that mean she is super long? It sure feels like it if she's not. She did predict (just a prediction) that the baby won't be very big, just based on my measurements. I'm measuring a little small (not enough to raise a concern) and based on my size she doesn't foresee a 9 pounder. phew.

Last week Peanut was supposed to be 3.75 pounds and approximately 17 inches long. Her main job for the next 7 weeks is to put on the poundage... probably about double what she is at right now. All that means to me is "ouch."