Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 34

Written by Shannon Leigh

Last week was week 34.
It went fast.
I had my first shower.
There was punch and lots of dessert.
It was lovely.
I felt very spoiled.
My family and friends are awesome.
I got LOTS of books... (everyone was told to bring a children's book with a message to Peanut).
We've been reading to her at night.

{My girls from school- minus a few}

{Some besties from home}

{The Gardner Girls- minus a few}

{The In-Laws}
Last week Peanut weighed approximately 4 3/4 pounds and was 18 inches long. She won't be getting much longer (probably) but will be packing on the pounds. From here on out she could put on up to a half a pound a week! I start going to the doctor weekly now, so we will be closely monitored until D-day which I am predicting to be March 2nd (just a guess).
It feels good to be so close but at the same time it is OH so far! I am still sleeping pretty good, just getting up once or twice to pee. I noticed this week that my hips are kind loose, which is a very strange feeling. I am definitely feeling like I have the pregnant-lady-waddle going on now. Oh joy.
Peanut's room is really taking shape and there isn't a ton of stuff left to do. Thanks to my darling brother-in-law, Josh, we get our rocking chair this weekend (which is the LAST piece of furniture to add). He's driving to Nashville Tennessee to get it... it's a long story, trust me.
Peanut's quilt is very close to being finished and THAT feels good too. All I have left to do is finish quilting it and then do the binding! Here is a little sneak peak.

By the way, I would really be okay with NOT taking my picture for the next 5 weeks, but I know I would regret it if i didn't.


Diamend said...

I can't wait to see the whole nursery! I'm loving getting to peak into your pregnancy journey!!
Love ya

amy said...

HOLD THE PHONE! How did I miss that your sister is preggers TOO?? You Dudley chicks are fertile. Also, shut up about not having your picture taken. You're a hot mama :) Miss you. (And Brent misses Matt. He didn't say this but I could tell...)

JenMarie said...

Beautiful quilt!!