Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 20

Written by Shannon Leigh

Peanut and I are officially through week 20 and I am really starting to feel pregnant now...
I have already had a few people ask when I'm due, which is DEFINITELY a new phenomenon.
It feels strange to say "February" because it still feels so surreal.
Last week the baby was the size of a cantaloupe (length, not diameter)!
No wonder why my belly is really starting to protrude.
I still can't believe she is that big... and only getting bigger everyday.

We had my 20 week sonogram and as most of you already know, we found out that we are having a GIRL!
It's nice to start referring to Peanut as "she," which I am still shocked about (I feel a little guilty about referring to her as "he" for the majority of my pregnancy).
She does have a name already but we are keeping it secret, at least for now.
Her scary skelator face...
Her sweet little feet!

The doctor told me she weighs approximately 13 oz! I like that she is getting heavier, it makes me feel like if something were to go wrong she is starting to have a better chance of survival. (Praying that I don't have to worry about that).
Anyway... everything looked great at the appointment and Peanut is developing right on schedule!