Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Holiday, Day One

Written by Shannon Leigh

We left Chicago at 1 pm which meant we landed in London at 7:00 am.  
We watched the sunrise in the air. 
We headed to our hotel and praise Jesus that our room was ready for us.
We took a much needed nap.

We ate our first English meal (we weren't expecting much, based on the rumors).
We were delightfully surprised.  So far so good.

Upon exiting Westminster Station, we saw Big Ben and heard him chime.

We saw the Houses  of Parliament up close and saw her towering walls.

We imagined swimming in the moat that surrounded the Jewel tower, a medieval structure that dates back to 1365.  It was used to house Edward II's wardrobe.  Imagine that.

We admired the arches (and the other tourists) at Westminster Abbey.  

We snuck down a side street that looked like a movie scene at MGM.

We tread the Westminster bridge.

We stole a moment together over the Thames.

We had the best hot chocolate at a restaurant called Fish and Chips.  We enjoyed each others company more.


We watched in awe as the London Eye made its way around.  
From Westminster Bridge we saw the glowing lights of the houses of parliament.


Diamend said...

Thank you for commenting! It is good to know that somebody actually reads this thing!! I LOVE reading your blog (it is the highlight of my week) and getting to be a part of the memories you are creating! You are going to be a GREAT MOM!!
Thanks for the prayers and you are definitely in ours!