Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Holiday, Day 3

Written by Shannon Leigh

We headed to Bath on day 3.
We started our adventure at Paddington Station, the station made famous by Paddington Bear
I LOVED Paddington when I was little so I got Peanut an authentic Paddington teddy bear at the station! 

When we got to Bath we started by visiting the Jane Austen Center... I learned a lot about Jane that I didn't know and I am sure Matt really enjoyed it too:).

We visited the Pump Room and the stunning Roman Baths

We admired Bath Abbey and all of the beautiful architecture made of Bath stone (it's still a requirement to this day that they use the same Bath stone).

We saw the Royal Crescent in all of it's grandeur.

We went on a tour throughout the town and learned all kinds of fun facts...

We had afternoon tea at Sally Lunn's, which is the oldest house in Bath.  It dates back as far as 1482.  However it has been functioning as a restaurant since 1680!

The tea (or in Matt's case, the hot chocolate) was to die for.
The BUNS were especially delicious.   The recipe is over 400 years old!

I even got to see Jane's HOUSE! As you can tell I am super excited.
We admired the Pulteney Bridge (there are only 3 like it in the world).  It has tiny little shops on the top of it. 

Over all I LOVED Bath.  It was by FAR one of my favorite things we did. 
It is SUCH a beautiful village... I absolutely adored it.  
 I made Matt promise that if we become rich and famous someday, we'll buy a house in Bath and be neighbors with Gwyneth Paltrow (who owns a home in Bath).


Kendahl said...

Love the pictures!! :) I know how it feel sometimes to post post post and feel like no one is reading cause there are no comments!! So, I'm commenting to make sure you know you have some loyal readers out there (err...or at least 1 loyal reader...)!

Oh, and can you please just go to the dr today and find out what you are having, I'm really not sure I can wait until monday...thanks!

:) We need to hang out.