Monday, May 11, 2009


Written by Shannon Leigh
I would never describe myself as simple. In fact I am incredibly complicated. My feelings are complicated, my wardrobe is complicated, my ideas/dreams are complicated, my LIFE is complicated. Most of the time I am a hot flaming mess.
I long to be simple.
I've been traveling a lot over the last few months and I have learned the importance of simple. I pack simple, I have a simple unpacking system, a simple shopping list every other week, simple expectations about time, etc. By being simple I have saved a lot of time and energy.
Most of my house is organized pretty simply. Everything has a place, even stray pencils and pens. There is one room, however, that is anything but simple...

my craft room.
It is stuffed to the brim with sewing things, scrapbooking utensils, old photography equipment, and all other things crafty. I have lots of hobbies... sue me.
For my birthday I ordered a slide scanner (I have a slight obsession with old family slides). That is one of the things I have missed the most from my photography school days. We had access to some of the most incredible equipment.
That, however, is really beside the point. When I got home from my parents yesterday I was TOTALLY overwhelmed with all of the crap in my craft room.
In college I would spend an exuberant amount of time cleaning my room and desk before I could start studying. When my room was cluttered, my mind was cluttered. I was so much more productive after my room was simple and organized.
That being said, I KNEW that I would never be able to start the scanning process until my room was nice and tidy. So last night my darling hubby helped me organize and reorganize our craft room to utter bliss. Simple Bliss.
Thanks Matty, now I get to simply create in my simple craft room.

Floating shelves from Menard's.
Bed roll, lamp, rug, and curtains from Urban Outfitters.
Jars from Hobby Lobby or thrifted.
Funny Bones Game thrifted.
I'm sure there will be me more updates soon, I'm still waiting for my chandelier, stupid ceiling fan. But for now, bring on the slides!


The Slaters said...

Wow Shannon - I'm proud of you!!!

The Wickershams said...

Ahhh organization! Such a beautiful thing...I feel like you would love the store Anthropolgie...we have one just about five minutes away from us :)

Unknown said...

beautiful! =)

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love your craft room!