Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ode to being 24

Written by Shannon Leigh

When I was twelve I always wondered what I'd be like when I was "old," like in my mid twenties.    I remember trying to picture myself.  I wondered if I would be married, if I was a mother, what I did for a living, if my hair would still be blond ... It seemed like 24 was so far away.  

Unfortunately, now that it is here, I still feel like I'm twelve.  I still feel gangly and unsure of myself.  My skin has never cooperated and my hair is still frizzy.  No matter how much I excel at school or careers, when I look in the mirror I still feel like an awkward junior higher (minus the braces). I think I always will. 

Regardless of feeling like a prepubescent school girl my 'real life' husband and family made my day (or days... with an 's') special.  Thanks everyone!  

The night before my birthday Matt took me out to The Great Impasta (another favorite local place) and we ate lots of Italian food, sipped on Cherry Cokes, and listened to live music.  Did I mention there was Tiramisu

We then proceeded to play in the park... because we're really cool like that.

I will tell more about my birthday festivities tomorrow but I am in Chicago again this week and I am tired, mostly from eating at Buca (eating takes a lot out of a girl).  That big king size bed is going to be lonely... 
until tomorrow.