Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Very Productive Start to Spring??

Music Stand Re-doMatt and I bought this cute little antique music stand when we first got married. We both really loved it. However, the blue paint wasn't really working for us so I got out the ole sand paper and paint and took matters into my own hands.I think it looks much better this way. All this cute little cabinet needed was some lovin' and some new hardware( I got some cute antique-looking glass knobs from Lowes to replace the old fashioned old ones)!Dessert and Cranium
On Friday night we hung out with the Woodrums. We played Cranium and had some awesome dessert! (Amy and I were victorious of course!) Looking forward to seeing you both real soon!! You can find some pictures on Amy's Blog.

Happy Birthday Matty!!!
Matt swears that every year on his birthday (March 5th) it's so warm outside he can wear shorts! We were discussing this the other night and he expressed his despair as being an attorney, he will have to wear pants to work... pour guy. I guess that's the plight of getting older and getting real jobs! I am hoping the weather holds up, maybe he will get to wear shorts when he gets home from work.
On Saturday we had both families up for the day for a down right birthday celebration. I think his favorite gift by far was the Tiger Woods Golf game for the Wii (thanks Pat and Josh!). Thanks to everyone who came and squeezed into our tiny apartment. We really enjoyed seeing everyone!
Here are some pictures from the party!


Anonymous said...

Very cute stand! It still amazes me how much Adam and Matt have in common. Adam loves to wear his shorts and he absolutely loves his Tiger Woods golf game for the Wii! Tyson and him play it none stop since its been to cold and wet to play real golf!

Anonymous said...

My left shoulder is rather sore after playing 108 holes of golf on Sunday.