Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Big Week!

The month of March is most definitely a full one. I have had tons to do with work including two User Testing Sessions and a UAG in both Champaign and Chicago (which probably means nothing to most of you but means a LOT of work for the Front End team). In fact I am in Chicago now... while I enjoy the job and the shopping, I miss my Matty... and it spawns a very busy week.

This week has brought more than just work however! Matt and I are officially home owners! We actually have a signed contract from the builder! (Because the house is new... we had to go through a few more procedures than usual, which took a little longer than we thought) We are still stuck in our lease for now so a closing date is set for May. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! Although I much prefer the older/ more character houses we don't plan on being here for too long so I conceded to Matty on this one! I can't wait to start picking out the new decor and get a puppy!:) Matt is more excited about the yard (it is pretty nonexistent right now... but it is well within his landscaping abilities!) So keep us in your prayers... it is a pretty big step!

Shane & Shane and Bethany Dillon

After spending the second half of the week in Chicago, Matt and I are making the trip down south to spend time with his family AND for me to meet up with Lesley and go and see Shane & Shane and Bethany Dillon in concert (Bethany is actually engaged to one of the Shanes!)! We have 2nd row tickets!!! We are totally pumped (Lesley got me hooked on Bethany long ago... now we can both play some of her stuff on the guitar; Les is much better than myself). Hopefully I will have some pictures to post after this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Homeownership! I am still mystified about a lot of the details myself...I get escrow and escargot confused...but Shauna and I have seen only good things from buying. Great news :D

Unknown said...

Shan: Hey Lance, do you want to go see Shane Barnard with Matt and I? I know how much you adore those guys!

Lance: Thanks for including me, but I have to wash my hair that night. I've waited 8 years to see him, but I'm sure I can wait a little longer.

Shan: Cool, just let us know if you change your mind. Did you see our new house?

Lance: I did, and it's seriously gorgeous. Big congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Shannon!!! I can't wait to see pictures! What kind of puppy you lookin for? Also, we love Shane and Shane. Mark Robert has seen them several times in concert and says they put on a great one!!! Have fun!