Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love it....

I have always sworn that the designers at Vera Bradley are geniuses but I am soooo pumped that they have recently come out with rugs! Maybe someday I will get to buy this rug... which I ADORE (not digging the couch so much)!However, I am terribly upset that Vera is retiring my favorite pattern, Medallion. Hopefully I can get some at a discount at the outlet sale coming up (So glad my birthday falls at the end of April!:)
Some other Fave Patterns: Cambridge and Kensington


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I also wanted to say thank you for the post that you did about my art. I've added a link to your blog on my site.

Paris Gerrard

Keli B. said...

i like vera bradley too! i'm really loving the yellow bird pattern. but, not for a rug!!
but i ADORE their rugs! too pricey!