Friday, March 7, 2008

Excited to Spring Forward

When the damp days of spring pop up every year and the aroma of de-thawing earth collides with my senses, my stomach becomes a knot in fearful anticipation. As a kid I always associated spring with storms, tornadoes to be more specific. If you know me personally you will know that much of my childhood was spent staring into the sky and fearing the smallest of clouds. As I got older my tornado-phobia subsided but as a participant in track and field since early middle school I soon associated the sounds and smells of spring with long wet runs and sore muscles. However this year I am very much looking forward to the oncoming spring. As much as I hate them, I look forward to those anxious butterflies when stepping outside those first few days of warm weather.

This upcoming Monday, Matt and I are putting in an offer on an actual HOUSE! I can’t lie, this is another reason
why I want spring to come quicker.
I will post some pictures but we shouldn't get too excited quite yet I don’t want to jinx us!


Amy Woodrum said...

how exciting!! we'll be praying it all works out for you guys. hopefully we can celebrate you being homeowners when you come visit!! and once you have a house you get a PUPPY :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! Congrats on the potential of being a homeowner! My advice to you: bid low!! Sit on a counter offer and perhaps walk away for a few days. This is a buyer's market!! Ya'll are in the driver's seat!!! Practice that patience you so wonderfull described in your former blog! Love you honey!!! L

BeautifullyEsotericDesigns said...

That is sooo exciting about the possible new house, life happens so fast! I found your blog and placed a link to it from mine...hope that's okay! Miss you kitty!

i'm ready for spring too =)

BeautifullyEsotericDesigns said...

Hey! that is soooo crazy that you would recommend that because I talked to Jackie today and she told me to use them! I placed my first order tonight! =) thanks for the tip...I feel better about my purchase now!

Courtney said...

best of luck today with the house!! how exciting!!