Monday, March 24, 2008

First Sewing Project Complete! (Almost)

Since Matt and I are moving into the new house very soon, I am getting a head start on all of my various sewing projects that I have planned. I am wanting to make all of the curtains to (a.) save money and (b.) use the creative side of my brain since I don't get to much at work. This is my very first project that I have completed all on my own from start to finish (I might have called my mom once or twice...). This table is my folding table that I keep in my laundry room. My mom built it for me out of a remnant counter top when I was in college. Instead of throwing it away I decided to spruce it up with a skirt. Of course I had to pick out the boldest fabric in the store. My sisters would think it is tacky and it probably is, but hey as Matty says... "It's a Laundry Room."


amy said...

its not tacky at all! good work :)

Unknown said...

I think it looks fun and summer-y.