Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we come a house-hunting

I had know idea how stressful house-hunting can be!!
My head is spinning with all of the homes we have seen already and the possibilities of what else is out there. It is so hard to keep track of that I have started to keep an uncharacteristically organized binder (idea from Jannah and Derek Pollock... thanks for the GREAT IDEA guys!). At first Matt and I were after stand-alone houses. However, with our budget and the opportunities around Champaign, we have decided a townhouse or condo may be a better solution. We have a few options in the running at this point but we aren't in a huge hurry so I guess we will see what else is out there.

Casserole Party

On another note, Matt and I got to hang out with our dear friends Lance and Betsy this weekend. Betsy, Cher (one of Betsy's best friends) and I got to share time and money and made 21 casseroles! You don't even want to know how much chicken we went through. We each went home with 7 casseroles to put in the freezer and bake at any time over the next few months. In the past, casseroles were not my fave, but with both Matt and I working and time ALWAYS being an issue it is nice not to have to plan meals for a couple weeks. PLUS Matty gets to take the leftovers for lunch the next day! So far we have eaten the Chicken Tetrezini. Matt practically inhaled it. Casserole #1 = complete success!

At Last

Matt and I also got to see our friends and fellow newlyweds Amy and Brent Woodrum this weekend. It was so much fun to sit and chat (for hours) about SOO many things. Hopefully we will get to do this much more often in the future! We also traveled to Charleston on Sunday for the good ole Super Bowl at Derek and Janna's. They bought a house a few months back and this was my first viewing. It was just adorable. Kudos to the decorations and the new big screen. Despite the strange winter thunderstorm that yielded slight delays in viewing the game (where poor Tom Brady got his adorable butt chin slammed in the mud) the game and the time with Derek and Janna was great! Thanks for the invite guys. Hopefully soon we will be able to have you to our house!


Anonymous said...

A cassarole party sounds like so much fun and such a good idea! How did you plan it and go about doing it? I would love to do that. It would help so much w/ me working midnights and having night classes!

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...


It is a WONDERFUL way to make good, healthy dinners for busy girls like us! There were three of us working together on this one. So one person tripled each recipe and went to Sams to buy the food. Then we got together and cooked three of each recipe and split them into three different casseroles. We just bought the disposable baking dishes, that makes clean-up a snap also! Then we just cut the cost by three.

It is best to assign jobs like - clean-up duties, cutting up the meat duties, and cooking the pasta duties. It made is much more streamline!

Good luck!