Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Illustrations and Goodbye Ricky/Jackie

The Biggest Loser This winterMatt and I have fallen in love with NBC's "The Biggest Loser." The way these people transform their bodies (and their lifestyles) in a matter of weeks it truly amazing! This week Jackie Evans, who has really impressed me with her work ethic (she is one of the older contestants and a woman, which makes weight harder to lose) was voted off of The Biggest Loser Ranch on Tuesday night. This year the theme is "couples." She came with her son Dan who has also lost a crazy amount of weight! I am kind of rooting for her to win the $100,000 for who lost the most weight while not at the ranch. She is from Illinois also which makes me like her even more. Go JACKIE!
Project Runway
Another reality T.V. addiction of mine is Project Runway on Bravo. LOVE IT! This season has been pretty awesome and after last nights elimination of Ricky, there are only 5 competitors left. Ricky, who has shed tears on the show since the beginning didn't shed a one last night as he was eliminated. I am glad he is gone. Only two more eliminations before Bryant Park!

I hope no one had these TIVO'd (sorry about that)!!!

Andy Virgil
I am a huge fan of this Illustrator. He did a lot of work in the 50's, which I LOVE! Check out more information on him here.


amy said...

thanks for the offer to love on your future pets! petting your husband just isnt the same as petting a furry puppy. and thanks for talking to derek, i'll keep trying to get in there! talk to you soon :)

amy said...

and upon reading that post i realize it looks as though i said i would be petting your husband, when i fact i meant our husbands..haha awkward.

Courtney said...

Last night after Ricky got kicked off I wanted to rejoice with you!! NO MORE TEARS! Sweet P better kick it up next challenge....she owes that orange swimsuit some thanks...

Keli B. said...

geesh. i'm glad ricky got the boot! booo hoooo!! waaaaah! he was a HUGE fan of the waterworks!