Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Poodle Love

So today is the 8th day in a row without sun. WITHOUT SUN! Jeez we aren't in London (or Costa Rica for that matter right Matt?) Who can live like that? It is quite depressing. Not only has there NOT BEEN sun but the rain and snow has seized each day, making it wet and soupy outside every dark and dreary hour. Since I have gotten my hair cut short I have had to straighten it every morning even though I have a mess of natural curls. Over the last week or so I have straightened it in the morning and after wading through the water that is our sidewalk and tracking across the parking lot to work, my hair looks like Cyndi Lauper on a mall tour. So today for the first time I embraced the curls and went "all natural" to work. There is no sense in fighting the elements once again! Now I feel slightly similar to Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing (pre-nose job and straight hair.) I guess I am just embracing the inner-poodle.

Speaking of poodles. Matt and I have decided (as soon as we are homeowners) to buy a Standard Poodle puppy. I have always loved curly haired, goofy dogs and now is the perfect opportunity (we found a breeder near St. Louis that we have been in contact with). I think it all started with Piper (Adam and Amber Lewis' Dog). My parents also have a shitzu-poodle mix and he is just awesome! Don't worry though we aren't going to cut it like a poodle. We will give it an all over cut which is MUCH cuter. Matt doesn't want a froo-froo dog and I don't blame him.


Unknown said...

Hey Shannon, I remember you guys from Lakeland. How is married life?
Cute dogs! Kyle would never go for a poodle. I was reading down on your blog... I went to middle school with Amy (formerly Harhausen) Woodrum! Where are you from originally?

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

No WAY! What a small world!! I grew up in Pleasant Plains, near Springfield. I also knew Amy in middle school. Our families went to the same church. Did you go to Williamsville??

Married life is awesome! It has been much easier than i expected.

How are you two? Where are you all located now!!??

Anonymous said...

How adorable are those dogs! They look like big brown Pipers!! SOOOOO cute!

Unknown said...

I went to Williamsville then, but we moved to Virden where I finished high school. We're still here in Carbondale while I'm finishing school. Where are you guys located now?

That sausage/cheese loaf is SUPER easy. You simply purchase the sausage of your choice (you'll only really need half the package), shredded mozzerella cheese, and a pizza dough. I prefer to use the canned Pilsbury dough that you simply unroll.

Fry the sausage. Lay the pizza dough out flat on a cookie sheet. Top it with fried sausage and cheese. Carefully roll it all up and bake it according to the dough directions. It usually only takes about 15 minutes I think. Slice and enjoy!

Keli B. said...

i love standard poodles, and i LOVE the lewis' piper!! what a cutie!
our dog, luther, is a goldendoodle, a golden retriever mixed with a standard poodle. luther mostly looks like a golden retriever, but his hair is super crimpy when it's all wet. he's slightly crazy just like a poodle! we love him!

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

awww, I never got to meet Luther. He sure is cute though!!! Does he shed at all??