Friday, February 22, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good
after Christmas this year I decided that I would purchase a Nintendo Wii for my wonderful husband for his birthday (which is March 5th). However I had NO idea how hard it would be to get my hands on one! Since Christmas I have been on the lookout... I even recruited friends & family to be on constant Wii-Watch, who in turn recruited their friends; we had quite the Wii Train. But alas until this week it remained just a dream. After countless trips to various Wii retailers over the last few months this Tuesday afternoon my luck turned around. This Tuesday started out just like any other Tuesday. However I had a strange feeling I would soon become a Wii owner myself. I was running late for work as usual, didn't have time to pack a lunch as usual, and was running out of the door in quite a hurry as usual. The mornings work passed without anything out of the ordinary and around noon my stomach was telling me it was time to eat! Since I didn't have time to pack a lunch I was heading home for a nice turkey sandwich but on my way I was going stop by Wal-mart and just see if they had some Wiis in stock. Long story short, they had them in the back but they weren't checked in yet... I waited for what seemed like hours (it was only 45 min.) and they even talked me into an extra controller. I couldn't wait for his birthday so I surprised him that night with it! Now by the time our families come to visit we will be pros!
Now THAT is a good thing!
g up is hard to do no matter what kind of day it is. But of course today the weather called for even MORE snow... eww. It is hard to drag yourself to work when you are facing a full day of inclement weather. Running late of course, I put on my boots and trapsed off to work looking forward to a nice hot chocolate. But today I went to the Starbucks machine that we are lucky enough to have in our building. Sadly, there was a large sign haphazardly hung telling me it was "Out of Order." I ordinarily don't get coffee (If i drink coffee I prefer my French press that I have at home) but I often use the hot water to make tea, apple cider, or hot chocolate. It has actually become quite a routine. I sincerely look forward to it everyday... and I enjoy bringing some back for others in the cube farm as well!
This was a BAD thing.
The Ugly
As I had said before, the weather forecast was NOT promising today. Due to poor planning and NEVER being able to wake up on time, I once again didn't have time to pack a lunch. So around noon I venture out into the cold to find a bona fide BLIZZARD. This is what it looked like when I left to go home for lunch. YUCK!! It took me twice as long to get home and to get back. So much for a lunch break!
This was just plain UGLY!!!

Where are you Spring???


Tom said...

I'm predicting March 21st for Spring. At least, that's when I think it'll get to us in Iowa.

Chelsea said...

We got a Wii right before Thanksgiving. We were on the hunt for a while. Finding was also a fluke for us. Like you, Kyle just happened to pop into Wal-mart while they were unloading a couple. We've had a lot of fun playing with each other and our families.

I recognize that snowy scene! It looks like 1st street somewhere near the research park. Gee, I miss Champaign. I wouldn't trade our ice for your snow, though!

Shannon Anderson said...

you are correct!!! I work in the State Farm building in research park!!!

Alisha said...

Hmmm... your mornings sound a lot like mine... hard to get out of bed and always running late... It seems like no matter what time I plan on getting up, I get out at the same time!

Courtney said...

The Millers suggest renting "Star Wars Lego". Matt LOVES it!

Shannon Anderson said...

Ohh, that sounds FABULOUS!