Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chocolate A Capella

Once again, Matt and I had a fabulous weekend here in the Icy tundra of East Central Illinois. It was full of lots of fun events- some that probably sped along the arrival of my Ear-Infection and Bronchitis that kept me home for two days straight and made me miss a work trip to Chicago. I am feeling much better now, hence feeling up to posting.

Monticello- Covered in Chocolate
On Friday Evening Matt and I made the trip to Monticello, a small town near Champaign. The town had it's annual Chocolate Fantasy where participants were given a list of local businesses and encouraged to visit each one (getting a Chocolate treat in return). Besides the cold rain, the trip was absolutely delightful. I am a huge fan of small towns and we got to visit a lot of wonderful shops that i never would have known about.

This was one of our FAVORITE finds. The Polish Pottery shop. Who would have thought such culture resides in Monticello. I have had a few friends go on missions to Poland and I remember them bringing back such beautiful pottery. Now I can buy some right here in Illinois. It isn't quite as cool as going to Poland, but it is a close second.

A Capella 5 on 9
Another stellar event we were privileged to attend this weekend was the A Capella concert "A Capella 5 on 9" in Tolono. We were invited by our good friends Krista and Kris and we had a BLAST! Basically there were 5 groups from universities around the area that performed. The groups consisted of the Rip Chords from the U of I, the Xtension Chords also from the U of I,
from ISU, Touch of Class, and one more that I can't remember the name of. The groups were so entertaining and lots of fun to listen to. It was so amazing to see them use their voices to make such interesting sounds. We even got to listen to a beatboxing competition between the teams. It was great!


Unknown said...

Monticello is a neat little town. If you ever get a chance to see the a capella group, The Other Guys, do it! They usually have a spring show, and a show during Mom's Weekend at U of I. They're, in my opinion, the best of the vocal groups on campus. Where are you guys attending church up there?

Keli B. said...

yay for polish pottery! i LOVE it!
if i didn't have fiestaware dishes, i'd totally go all polish pottery!
p.s. it is soooo much cheaper in poland! but, getting it home is a bit difficult!

Unknown said...

Yeah, Kyle and I met there when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We have a lot of great memories! I can give you some really great places to go if you want them. Start with the Courier Cafe in Urbana. It's great for breakfast lunch or dinner. Kyle particularly loves their biscuits and gravy.

Courtney said...

Completely random question: Are you and Matt coming down (St. Louis) for the MVC Tournament? It would be delightful to see your smiley faces....