Monday, March 21, 2011

Tortola is for Lovers

Written by Shannon Leigh

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Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day this year in the BEST way EVER.
We laid on the beach and snorkeled in Tortola, a British Virgin Island.
Ahh, a relaxing holiday for lovers indeed.
{View of the bay from the top of the mountain}

Oh and we watched lots of birds.
Pelicans mostly.
I apologize for the large amount of photos.
IMG_7652IMG_7642 (1)IMG_7619IMG_7618IMG_7613IMG_7606IMG_7592IMG_7588

When we got back on the boat that day Matt and I decided to climb the rock wall.
Why not?

We look pretty stunning in our climbing gear.
Matt went first.
His athleticism and long legs working to his advantage.

I went second.
Against my better judgment I wore a dress (with shorts underneath).
I look like some kind of frumpy cave woman in a jumper.
Oh well. I made it to the top.
I wasn't trying to impress anyone.
The view from up there was amazing.
Truly a bird's eye view.

Before dinner Matt and I ventured around for good photo ops (my pastime) and Matts' by association.
We found a decent one.
Look at that handsome man! :)