Monday, March 14, 2011

Kitchen Table Redo

Written by Shannon Leigh

Two weeks ago, on a whim, I decided to repaint our kitchen table and chairs.

This particular table wasn't always ours (like ALL of our furniture).
It was my parents' table.
It was the table I ate on growing up.
It could tell many tales of homework fights and glasses of spilled milk.

My mom painted it white and black a few years ago (it was oak- I think).
When they bought a new table they gave us this one because it had leafs.
Our old one was just a small round table that wasn't expandable.

The multi colored chairs were my sister Morgan's from her first kitchen.
They were a garage sale find and she painted them white.
I painted them the lego colors (yeah, not my best move). IMG_9542

They were supposed to look Pottery Barn-esq.
They didn't.
However, they stayed that way for 3 1/2 years.
I painted them on the patio in our first apartment, leaving a giant colorful paint mark on the concrete.
(Matt had an absolute fit if you can believe it).

I told Matt after the first coat of white paint went on the chairs "It's like we are painting over an era."
I'm slightly on the sentimental side.

We primed the table with oil based primer and then painted it with semi gloss latex.
We then polyurethaned the whole thing for a shine and protection.
It makes it look much more modern.
{in progress- Matt and I decided the green on the chairs looked too country}

We decided to go with a more modern looking brown fabric on the chairs and I'm so glad we did.
I am pleased with the overall result. We thought about just buying new chairs (these have been through the ringer) but we really want to save our money for more pressing projects, new chairs are expensive!


Unknown said...

I love it. I really wish we could repaint our kitchen table and chairs, as they are getting pretty beat up. Right now they're solid black. Hmm.. maybe a summer project...