Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tea for Ruby

Written by Shannon Leigh

I apalogize for the overload of pictures.
BUT my first child only turns one once.

We celebrated with a tea party last Saturday.
After all Ruby's favorite book is Tea for Ruby.
You're invitedinvites
I made the invitations in photoshop and printed them on card stock.
I scanned floral fabric and then fashioned it into the teacup. I also scanned burlap to give the background a little bit of texture.
The fabric on the outside of the invitation is from a vintage pillowcase from a thrift store.
The gold and white medallions were left over from a project long ago.

The party was at our house.
It was a tight squeeze but everyone managed ok in our humble abode.
Table for Tea
We used vintage tea cups (including some from Grandma Ruby, Grandma Dudley, my mom & my mother-in-law).
I even had my Great Grandma Hagen's teapot.
We also had real lumps of sugar (I was really excited about that).
I made Paula Dean's Strawberry Cake for the center of the table.
Ruby's smash cake came from Cakes on Walnut, of course..
I made embellished party hats for EVERYONE.
and EVERYONE wore one.
It was awesome.
I wish I would have gotten a pictures of the whole group.
I also made Ruby a party hat with a matching bib to wear while she ate her smash cake.
She wasn't thrilled with the hat.

O the menu for the day:
Strawberry cake
Chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream cheese frosting
Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing
Teapot shaped sugar cookies
Strawberries & grapes with whipped cream
Cucumber sandwiches
Broccoli sunflower salad
Cheeseball & crackers
Hot tea
Ice tea
2 shots
The chair swags are made out of doilies.
I got the idea from Martha, of course.

I LOVE that my grandma wore here party hat and sipped on tea.
So cute.
Kellen dressed up like a cowboy because... he's awesome.
I also made the garland on the window.
It's just fabric & ribbon tied to twine!
This one took some trial and error since I didn't have any kind of tutorial but I eventually got it looking the way I wanted.

Eating Cake
Cake time.
We stripped down Ruby's dress (more on that later) and put on her hat and bib.
She wasn't SUPER excited over her smash cake.
We stuck her hand in it a few times trying to get her to go crazy but she just kind of nibbled on the icing.
She certainly didn't dig in.
It WAS a tea party after all.
She was just being a lady.

Matt's birthday
Since Matty turned the big 3-0 last week and he didn't celebrate with anyone, other than me, I decided to make him a cake and surprise him at Ruby's party.
I made him a baked alaska (one of his favorites).
I think he enjoyed it!
Then of course it was present time!
She was so spoiled by our families.
We feel so blessed to have so many people who love Ru like we do.

A special shout out to all who came and made Ruby's first birthday special.
(Especially my mother-in-law who slaved away in the kitchen with me for hours before the guests arrived. I couldn't have done it without her).

Over all the party was a great success.
I'm already dreaming up plans for birthday #2.
Dun dun dun...
Don't tell Matt.


Unknown said...

FABULOUS party, Shan! Of course it was. She has YOU for a mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon, I'm a grafic designer in South Africa - saw these hats on your blog and really want to use them in our personal(companies) brochure which I'm buzy designing. But as you would know I'll need the raw format. Please send me a mail on whether you'll alow me to use them. I'll be sure to send you the finish product before printing. - The words on the front of the brochure is "Something for everyone"

Unknown said...

Wow so beautiful. My little one turn one in about two months. I am very interested in making a bib for her too! do you have a link or a pattern you could share at all? Great job on the party your little girl will love looking at those photos when she grows up :)