Monday, March 14, 2011

Ruby at Age 1

Written by Shannon Leigh

I've been dreading March 9th this year.
Funny how that happens.
Last year, Ruby's birthday couldn't come quick enough.
And NOW I just want everything to SLOW DOWN.
She's growing way too fast.
The inevitable happened.
My sweet Ruby Evangeline turned 1!
I'm still in denial about it.
She will always be my baby no matter what her age.

When Ruby woke up on her first birthday we decided to give her just a few of her presents.
My Gandma Dudley sent Ruby a red wagon (it's tradition).
So we put that together the night before and Matt and I gave her the bounce cow.
She instantly loved the bounce cow. Touching its face and laughing.
She pretty much knew just what to do with Trumpette the bounce cow but she isn't real stable on it quite yet.
She loves to pull up on the wagon and rock back and forth. She also likes to bang blocks on the wagon, making a lovely noise...
I kept finding her trying to feed Trumpette blocks.

Overall we had a low key day.
Our friends Janna and Carter came by to play and I worked on Ruby's party.

Here are a few things about Ruby at age 1.

Weight: 20.11 lbs (45th %)
Height: 29 1/4 (56%)
Here hands and feet are so tiny.
She is still in size 2 shoes- and even some of those are too big.
She says "Hi" all the time. Especially when we come in to get her after a nap (or when Matt comes home from work - she says "Hi Dada!"). It's adorable.
He is climbing on EVERYTHING but not brave enough to stand on her own.
She is super verbal she jabbers ALL the TIME!
She says: Mama, Dada, Izzy, uh oh, quack, ball, book, bounce, woof, yum, milk, Ruby (and probably a few more that I can't think of)
She was behind on her large motor skills (crawling/pulling up/rolling over). We had a physical therapist coming out to the house for a few months. He thinks she is completely caught up now and doesn't want to see her any more. Way to go Ruby!
She has two teeth on the bottom and is cutting all 4 on the top front (poor thing).
She is still taking 2 naps.
She just switched to whole milk.
We are weening her off of the paci (sigh) and bottle (sigh).
I am loving her curls. They make me melt a bit.
She gives me kisses (open mouthed and slobbery).
She is super attached to me right now and doesn't go to strangers very easily- especially if I'm around.
She still loves Max & Ruby & is a pretty big fan of Bubble Guppies too.
She is super happy and rarely fussy.
She loves bath time & reading books.
She annihilates popup books. I often find pieces of them in her mouth.
Her favorite book is "Tea for Ruby."
She has brown eyes.

She is the most awesome one year old I know.
I might be a bit partial.