Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ruby, 6 Months

Written by Shannon Leigh

6 Month stats
Weight 15.4 (35th percentile)
Height 27 3/4 in (95th percentile)

Right now...
Ruby is LONG & SKINNY.
She is rolling over but gets stuck when trying to roll from her back to her belly.
I had to take down her mobile over her crib because all she wants to do is giggle at it when it's nap time.
She is saying "BA BA" and "GA GA" - not directed at anything in particular. I am really working with her to say "MA MA." She only says it when she's mad.
She knows the sign for milk and squeals and opens her mouth when we sign it to her. We're FAIRLY certain she can sign it too. She also knows the sign for bunny, lion, monkey, and frog.
She loves to look in the mirror. She finds herself hilarious.
She eats pretty much anything at this point, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, prunes, peaches, apples, pears... I am sure I am leaving something out.
We fall more and more in love with her everyday.


Meghan said...

She is so cute! Where did you find that sailor dress? I love it.

My daughter is 5 months and only says "mama" whens she's mad, too! So funny.

MKLoeffler said...

Funny. Jaden seems to only try to say "ma ma" when he's really mad too. Funny how that works huh?