Monday, September 13, 2010

29 Reasons why I love my husband

Written by Shannon Leigh

2. He is probably the most consistent thing in my life. He's so unchanging and steady. I know I can count on him for the things that I am lacking, especially spiritually.

3. While engaged, he sent me flowers and wrote this on my card.
"For the only woman I will ever love. Praise God that he chose you as my Eve."

4. He gave me ruby earrings and a ruby necklace in the hospital after Ruby was born. I LOVED his thoughtfulness and they are beautiful. I think I'll wear them on our anniversary.

5. The vows he wrote for me on our wedding day. They blew me away.

6. The fact that he won't give me the password to the netflix cue, but makes sure we get a chick-flick every other movie.

7. He lets me sleep-in in the morning.

8. He's a GREAT business partner. Even though I get frustrated sometimes, he is always the voice of reason.