Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aren't they cute?

Written by Shannon Leigh

Meet my Gramma and Grampa Gardner (my maternal grandparents).
Aren't they adorable?

They are some of the constants in my life. Aren't I lucky?

I grew up just a few miles away and spent many days with them. Not to mention every Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter... you name it.
They always had a pot of coffee on. That is where I learned that coffee tasted good with milk and sugar.
They also ALWAYS had marshmallows. I think I ate marshmallows every time I visited, which was a lot.
A few times when my mom worked, I stayed with them when I was sick. I remember my Gramma made me the best toast ever. I didn't know that toast could be so yummy.

My Gramma has soft brown eyes. My Grampa is super ornery and has a great laugh.

And now Ruby gets to know them. Isn't she lucky too?

They are wonderful and I love them.
That is all.


Mrs. Lay said...

Cute Cute! Did you make Ruby's bow? If yes, what's it made out of? It's super cute!

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

I didn't make this particular bow. My sister got it for me at some boutique. It's one of my favorites. It has feathers in it:)