Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnant Forever?

Written by Shannon Leigh

At this point, that is definitely how I feel. Here I am sitting at 6 days overdue with no end in sight. Ok, that's a lie. They won't let me go past 42 weeks but that seems like an eternity away (for an overdue pregnant lady it IS an eternity away, trust me). All I want to do is to meet our little girl outside the womb is that so much to ask?
At my 40 week appointment on Monday, I cried. I didn't mean to but it just kind of happened. It was enough for the midwife to hand me a fistful of tissues and rub my leg. This was after she checked me and I hadn't progressed at all since my last appointment. They even had to redo my Strep B test because it had expired. I mean does that really happen?
We were hoping I would be able to be induced this week but my midwife explained that I must have a Bishop score of 8 in order to be induced. The Bishop score has something to do with the risk of C-section in accordance with dilation, effacement, and station of the baby. I, apparently am NOT an 8. Depressing? To say the least.
She explained that if they induce before the patient is ready then it puts both the mom and baby at risk. After hearing that, I am feeling pretty good about it and feeling much more content with STILL BEING PREGNANT. I read in a pregnancy book that the average date a first time mom gives birth is 8 days after her due date. AND that is average. That means that lots of women go even longer than that. I wish they wouldn't even give you a due date, they should just give you a due-month. At least then I wouldn't be so depressed.
They are still suspecting she will be small (somewhere in the 7's) so my mind was put to ease about that. Let's pray (hard) that I get to meet this little bug SOON.

Since I'm no longer working I've had some time to work on a few projects. I found a cute baby shoe tutorial and decided to give it a try. They turned out pretty cute but I need to get some different supplies in order to make them a little sturdier.
I have also been embellishing some onsies.
My mom made this adorable rug for Peanut's room. It's the perfect compliment to the room (thanks mom).


Cher said...

I feel your pain. Renee was 11 days late (induced). Patrick was 7 days late (induced). They re-ran the strep B test with Patrick. Good news is your baby WILL BE BORN. But for now...I feel your pain

Lesley said...

That's it. I'm giving your e-mail address to my friend who writes to the baby (still in the womb) to tell them it's time to come out. She's 4 for 4. That's not a lie. Her name is Jessica. Expect an e-mail soon

Keli B. said...

Oh, sweet little baby Anderson girl! Don't you know how many pairs of adorable shoes you have waiting for you on the outside world???!!!??

(And I had the strep B re-run with both of my punks)

Faith said...

Try not to worry-the due date is just an approximation anyway-they have no idea. She'll come when she's ready-don't you worry about that! :)

JoEllen said...

Cute, Cute, Cute, Grandma Jo can't wait to see Peanut in those shoes. Please come out soon Peanut. I need a day off of work!