Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ruby's First Video

Written by Shannon Leigh

In honor of Ruby's 3 week birthday I thought I'd post a little video about her first 10 days.

It's funny how much she has changed since then!
I can't believe how red and squishy she was those first few days.
Everything was captured with the Mark II (we have lots more video taken with the video camera but I couldn't figure out how to download them with one hand).
Hope you enjoy!


Annie said...

wow, Shannon! She's incredible! I'm just in awe that you're a mommy! I wish you all the best in the lots more decades to come!

Lesley said...

Pretty darn precious! Looks like you and Matt are having lots of fun, soak it up : ) Can't wait to meet the Rubster!

Sarah E. said...

First of all congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!

I grew up in Marion, IL and went to church with Matthew's grandparents. My mother saw on Jim's facebook this morning that he and JoEllen had a little Ruby now.

I just want to say how precious that is. Our whole church thought so much of Ruby and my mom had a special bond with her. I remember going to visit her in the hospital right before she passed away. Thankfully my little boy let Gene walk him around the hospital so I could go and talked to her. It was such a sweet and sad time for me to see her there. Sad too because my aunt just passed away with a similar to condition to what Ruby had.

Ruby was such a precious lady. I have many memories of her; her passion for missions, her work with the Internationals at SIUC, her food like her cooked cabbage, and "talking" with her in front of the church on our homecoming day where we reminisced about the churches beginning (I do have this on tape). Several times in GA's or even for college scholarships, Ruby was kind enough to write recommendations for me or answer any questions I needed. These are just a few.

What a great namesake for your daughter. A Christian legacy has been passed down to her through a grandmother she will never meet on this side of eternity. Deut. 6:6-7

May God bless you and your family.
Sarah Lyon Ellsworth