Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Extra Time

Written by Shannon Leigh

This is what my day looked like.
I was working on photo orders in the office and Izzy was snoring on the bed.
With all of this extra time, I have been working on all kinds of projects.
I have been working on our "First Year Scrapbook" for a LONG TIME (note: Matt and I are working on year 3 now). I finally had some extra time to finish up the details and get it printed. I think it turned out pretty decent.
I even finished a wedding album for Matt and I since we never got one. I'm super excited to get that one in the mail soon.
Here are a few of my favorite pages from The First Year: A Scrapbook.
IMG_9755 IMG_9760IMG_9759IMG_9762


Courtney said...

This is great! Your creativity level is out of this world.

Izzy is so cute that she looks like a stuffed animal at times. Too cute to be real!

Hang in there Momma....

Keli B. said...

I cannot believe I live so close to you and haven't stopped by to meet Izzy! She is so freakin' awesome! It makes me miss Luther like crazy.

Also, where did you get your album printed? It looks amazing.

Regina said...

your poodle is soooo lovely!