Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 28

Written by Shannon Leigh

Last week was week 28. Can you believe Peanut and I made it through the first week of the final trimester? It feels good but we still have a long way to go!
She was about 15 inches long and weighed approximately 2 and a quarter pounds. From here on out babies gain weight at their own pace so the poundage is truly just an estimate. I am hoping she ends up in the 7 pound range but it's really not up to me.
{Sorry, I couldn't leave Izzy out. She always wants her picture taken. What a diva.}

I'm still feeling good but she is definitely all up in my lungs. After I eat lunch at work I can barely sit up straight at my desk. I just feel like I can't breath. I am looking forward to the "dropping" that takes place in the 3rd trimester. Unfortunately I think I'm a long way away from that.
I had my 28 week appointment and everything looks great! I gained 2 more pounds and I am measuring right on track. I passed the glucose screening test with flying colors so I don't have to drink any more of that sugary goo. I have to go every 2 weeks now so I may have more news come week 30.