Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Recap...

Although Matt and I didn’t do anything super exciting this weekend, these are the kinds of weekends that I LOVE! I got home from Chicago a little earlier than I thought I would last Friday so I got to see all of the cute little kiddies in their costumes. I forgot how adorable little kids in costumes can be, plus, I have never been able to hand out candy before. It was my first time EVER (since my folks lived int he middle of nowhere).

Saturday Matt and I headed to Allerton for a brisk outing with the dog. Izzy was hilarious… she has never experienced piles of leaves before so she dove right in head first. She was COVERED in leaves among other things. Fortunately we had a grooming appointment Sunday. After Allerton we went to a cute little cafe in Monticello and chowed down on some butter and noodles. YUM!

A VERY welcome weekend after a stressful week of traveling!


Calamity J said...

I'm in love with Izzy! I want a dog:) Hope you are enjoying the rest of the fall weather...there may possibly be snow in KC! aahh!