Thursday, October 23, 2008

The last two weeks at the Anderson domicile has been less than conventional, in fact I haven’t spent much of my time there at all. I have journeyed to the far reaches of Illinois and back again mostly for my job, intertwined with a little pleasure. Ordinarily I enjoy traveling but to tell you the truth I am straight up exhausted and we have 2 more weeks of testing! The workdays are packed with running around trying to help users test our awful wonderful HR system built by the U of I, reporting bugs, and leading sessions. AHHH…. And on top of that Izzy has digressed in her potty training and has started to poop all over our house. We are linking this to her stay at the Kennel a couple of weekends ago… or she is just mad at us. I mean come on she has been potty trained for MONTHS!!!! It’s the perfect gift for me to clean up when I come home from a business trip.

On a brighter note….

Since I worked in Springfield Monday and Tuesday this week I headed to my parents house on Sunday after church to take Kellen’s 2 year pictures. I think I got some REALLY cute ones! I am really excited to get started on them. I will post some on my photo blog soon. My mom decided to have a weenie roast in the secret garden for her side of the family Sunday night. It was a great excuse to see family and enjoy the awesome fall weather. Here are a few shots from my trip home excluding the Kellen pictures.