Thursday, June 26, 2008

The First Casualty

It's true,
My red leather sling-back is officially the first to go.

AHHHHH the joys of having a puppy.


MKLoeffler said...

I love the pics. haha. Your puppy looks guilty in the first pic and innocently adorable in the next.

_ and yes morning kisses are sweet.

Unknown said...

That's too bad. What a cute shoe it was!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days! You come home to a very guilty looking puppy only to find that something you really liked has become their new favorite chew toy! But then you look into those sad puppy eyes and some how forget how much you liked the object!! Sometimes I miss Piper puppy days but then I look at the bottom of ALL of my dining room chairs and remember how much more I like grown up Piper days!

Dani said...

awww...poor shoe :(