Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vintage Anyone?

I am a woman with many vices, two of which are:

  • anything vintage/vintage inspired
  • & luggage.
Who doesn't like luggage? I know I do! Now that I travel so often luggage has become a major part of my monthly regimen; packing it, unpacking it, putting it away, getting it out, hauling it up however many floors to get to my room, shoving it into the back seat of my car...etc... I am sure you get the point. Anyway, I have recently run across these FABULOUS vintage inspired pieces that I would LOVE to carry around.
Globe Trotter Ltd. is such a cool luggage company. Not that I would EVER be able to afford it but hey, eye candy goes a long way. Maybe someday I will find a cheap knockoff.

I was super pumped when I found that J.Crew is selling some of the Glob Trotters Ltd. luggage online. Too bad one bag is over 1,000 dollars. It's still stunning to look at.


Shannon Leigh Anderson said...
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Anonymous said...

woah cool blog

Anonymous said...

Christmas is only six and a half months away. Just a thought.

Courtney said...

or you could sell candy bars door to door..or have a car wash.

I enjoy the things that you find...

MKLoeffler said...

shannon- hey it's Mary Kim. I started my own blog on here but don't know how to use it yet. How do you change the backgrounds and everything? is that all html code that you entered?