Monday, June 9, 2008

This is how we do.

This weekend was FULL of events, just the way we like it.
One of my best buds, Bonnie, came to visit along with her boyfriend Clint (the infamous weather man of Southern Illinois). We had such a wonderful time just chatting and catching up. It is so nice to have enough room for over night guests now. Their visit also gave me an excuse to make a Baked Alaska Cake... I will post the recipe soon but here are some photos...
On Sunday Matt and I went to celebrate Grandpa Eugene's (Matt's maternal grandfather) 85th birthday. The whole family went to Church with him and then we had lunch in the fellowship hall. It's always wonderful to get together with family. Even he liked Izzy.I'll end with some Izzy Pictures... She is getting sooo big!


amy said...

aw she is getting big! and that cake looks great! definitely post the recipe!! glad you guys also had an awesome weekend :)

MKLoeffler said...

Your dog is super cute and so is Matt's gpa. haha. :) I love gmas and gpas. Anyhow, yes I got my camera and am at a loss! I am trying to figure out how to use it. I'm starting a photography class tomorrow. Yay!!
I'm a little confused about apeture? Does it have to do with light?
Geesh I have so much to learn.
Any photography jobs in the near future?

Chase Abner said...

Enough with this Izzy shizz. Have a kid already.